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The Swanks was originally a social type club started in about 1956 with the original members having only a minor interest in cars. It then turned into a real car club around early 1958. The car club original membership was about 15 and then developed into a larger group of about 25 with the meetings at Daryl Emery's house.

They eventaully had a club car ("B" altered roadster that was raced at Twin Cities dragway setting a national record in "B" altered with Gary Hoffsommer driving). Although the original members departed in several different directions Steve Olson revived it several years later. Steve also repaired the club car and raced it again. The club would drive 4 or 5 cars to various car shows in the area, i.e., Winnepeg, Valley City, Gopher State Timing, etc.

​Original Members:

FCHS 58ers - Jerry Quam Ron Bartholomew, Mike Beaton, Dave Blow, Terry Blue '57, Clarence "Louver" Braunberger, Herman Bryn, Dick Dunkirk '57,
Daryl Emery, Lanny Erickson, Russ Freeman '57, Scott Fridlund,
Daniel Hanna '57, Gary Hoffsommer '57, Tim Holt, Dave Hvidsten '57,
Marvin Johnsgard, Marv Johnk, Tommy Knoll, Roger Langlie, Bruce Lien '57, Roger Nelson, Ken Nicholson, Marv Olson, Steve Olson, Bob Pettinger,
Tom Reger, Wendy Reinertson, Gary Schmidt, Harvey Sell, Thad Uehling '56, Jim Venaas, Roger Wiese, Roger Johnson, Euegene Johnson

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